Thursday, July 26, 2012

seeing the forest for the trees

This lovely little forest is right down the street from our home.  It is Roofus and my favourite place to explore!  The  beautiful fir and cedar trees and hundreds of years old, filled with song birds and tower over you.   
I noticed that some of the larger trees are marked.  Not sure what it means... sure hope they are not planing to take these beauties down!


  1. Hi Monica - i'm just working on the MCC story about you and Jason and thought i'd come visit your blog and etsy shop. i LOVE your jewelry! i'm also curious about your name "opechee" - can you tell me more about that?
    my husband was just telling me that there are apparently plans to take down some more trees in that forest at Mill Lake - i wonder if that's why they're tagged. i would be so sad!

  2. Thanks Angelika! I just emailed you! So sad about the trees! I hope they leave the big ones!