Monday, June 11, 2012

Thrifting March 17/12

Mar 17/12 was a thrifting success! I still can't believe the kinds of treasures people donate. Who wouldn't want that sweet doe? Check out my groupOpechee handmade and upcycled jewelry to see the new upcycled jewlery made from this haul!

 These sweet dolls have a story that is just as sweet! While drooling over a Matryoshka doll that was in the silent auction at MCC (the highest bid was at $60!) I met a charming old Mennonite man named Jack. He advised me not to try to outbid on the doll because he had a collection that he was willing to sell! Well he had my interest! I took down his address and waited until my husband was finished work. Then we went to visit Jack and his Matryoshkas! Jack was a Missionary in Russia, and had imported hundreds of dolls over the years! He had a lovely collection, and I ended up buying these three girls!

I knew you were dying to see how many dolls were in this set so here you go! 
This one is missing the second doll, but I loved her colours!
My favorite! She's so sweet with her strawberry belly!

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