Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Interview with Delish Magazine - May 2012

What is the story behind your business?
I haven’t always loved art. In fact, I was a tomboy growing up, most of my time was spent climbing trees and playing baseball. But I have always loved treasure! Items that have a history have captured my interest since childhood. Where did it come from? What was the person like who owned it? With Opechee I am able to incorporate history into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Upcycled vintage skeleton keys, chandelier crystals and old buttons, all find new uses as upcycled jewelry accents.

Where and when do your craft your goodies?
Each upcycled piece is handcrafted in my little country studio. Under the watchful eyes of my yellow lab Roofus I transform pre-loved items into unique eye-catching designs. As I also have a full time job, most pieces come to life well after the sun has set.

What will you be selling at Scout?
I’m thrilled to be a vendor at the Scout Handmade & Vintage Market! At my booth there will be one-of-a-kind jewelry, necklaces with upcycled vintage skeleton keys, vintage beads and crystals, rings with vintage buttons, matryoshka doll earrings and bracelets made with vintage bits and bobbles! I also have a line of handmade stuffed critters! Little owls, bears and bunnies made from upcycled vintage fabric and vintage Mother of Pearl buttons. What once was an old man’s suit is now a one of a kind critter! (All vintage fabric is washed and pressed before use!)

Why do you like these events?
Handmade and vintage markets are my favourite. I love meeting other vendors who enjoy vintage as much as I do, and the look on customers’ faces when they walk into a world of vintage is just priceless! The vibe is like nothing else!

What is next for you personally and professionally?
Opechee will be at the Old Farmhouse Market on June 23rd, and at Art on the Farm on August 18th. During the summer months I will be busy tending my organic vegetable garden, hiking with my husband and yellow lab Roofus and riding my vintage cruiser! I will continue designing and creating upcycled jewelry and also working full time at the Abbotsford Hospice Society.

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