Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stamps vs. Cricut

I'm not to sure about this card, or how I feel about stamping!  Maybe I would like stamping more if I was better at it, whenever I stamp, I feel so nervous, that I'll not press hard enough, press to hard and cause the ink to bleed...

  I think I'll stick to using my cricut, I like the effect SOOO much better!  I do like stamps for the sentament, I think I'll stick to that!

This sweet bird cage was cut with the "Straight from the Nest" cart cut at 4 inches. I love how the bling for an eye adds that extra punch!


  1. I know what you mean! I am not a very good stamper. I love to use a digital cutter because my finished project looks nicer than if I just stamped everything.

  2. I feel the same! I always seem to flub something when I stamp anything other than a sentiment. It's blurred, or half missing..uck. However, both of your cards are beautiful! I love that cage from Straight from the Nest.. I've used it for several cards, it just cuts so beautifully! Thanks for sharing. :)