Friday, April 22, 2011


Pysanky is the Ukrainian art of Easter egg decorating.  You start with the lightest color, usually white, and everything that you want to remain white, you cover with hot wax, using the kistka.  Then next step is the first colour of dye, usually yellow. Wherever there is wax, the yellow dye will not adhere.  On your yellow egg, you mark with wax all the parts of the design that you want to remain yellow. Then dye it in the next colour, going in progressively darker colors.  In the end, you will have an egg with a lot of wax on it.  To remove the wax use the side of a candle flame, as you melt away the wax, the colors that were protected underneath are revealed. 

My first egg!

My second attempt.

And my third, the Hutsul women!

This really is a fun and rewarding tradition!  Happy Easter everyone!

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