Friday, April 15, 2011

The Puffy Quilt

One of my coworkers recently had a baby!!!  While she was pregnant we decided to make her something special.  So we had the bright idea to make a puffy quilt.  Now keep in mind that not ONE of the four of us making this quilt have ever made a quilt before!!!!  We did have the help of a lady who did now how to sew, so it seemed like a good idea!  So since she didn't work Fridays, that became our quilting day!

For this quilt you need 5 different fabrics, we decided on the fabric, stripes, owls on a yellow background, bright blue, owls on a baige background and bright green, the white is the Inner gabric of the puff and is not seen in the finished quilt, so any light fabric will do.

Picking the fabric was hard enough, but now we had to cut each colour/pattern into 25 5.5 inch squares.  For a total of 125 squares, hard work I tell you!  Then you need to cut 125 of the inner fabric at 4.5 inch squares.

Once cut, match the four corners of each large square to four corresponding corners of a small square.  Make a pleat in the centre of each of three sides of the square.  Make sure that the plearts go in a clockwise direction - it's easier to sew the pleats if they are facing away from the presser foot. 

Sew around all three sides, with a scant 1/4 inch seam.  Do not use a tiny stich!!  You might have to unpick it.  Voila!!! A Puff!!

Lightly stuff the puff, fluffing the fibrefill out before you insert it.  Pleat the fourth side and sew it up.

Arrange the finished puffs in a pattern, and pin the puffs in each row together.  Pin a lable at the top of each row so that you can easily put the quilt back together.  Sew the squares together in each row.  Pin row 1 to row 2, and sew down the row, splitting the seams so that one set of seams goes up and the other down (this makes it wasier to fit under the presser foot).  Now add row 3 and then 4, and continue on until finished.  Check the front of the quilt for any stiching that might be showing from the original stitchintg around the squares.  Unpick if nescessary.  Place the backing fabric - right sides together - with puffs.  Pin and swe around 3 3/4 of the outside edge with a 1/4 seam.  Clip corners, and turn right side out.  Hand sew the opening. 

The finished Puffy Quilt!!!


  1. Oh wow Monica, that's REALLY neat!! Perfect for lying the baby on the floor, on it. GJ!!

  2. AH! Monny I LOVE IT! As with all of your creations! Fantastic job all of you that worked so hard on it!

  3. I must say I feel HONOURED to receive this amazing thoughtful creation by my lovely coworkers, Monica!!! Thanks again! :)