Monday, April 25, 2011

Love Rocks!

After I found the perfect river rocks I used Mod Podge to adhere fabric hearts to  one side.   Do this first, as it only takes about 20 min for the Mod Podge to dry.  I love how the Mod Podge product looks like it did 30 years ago!

Some of the fabric hearts. 

Then I stamped clever sayings on the back side of the rock.  I used Versa Ink as it is a higher quality ink and lasts longer then other inks.  It does take quite a while to dry, so don't touch it for at least 24 hrs.  Don't Mod Podge the stamped side.

The finished Love Rocks! 

This is a great project for kids, and adults alike!  Give it a try, and when you do, add a link to your post in comments,  I'd love to see your Love Rocks!  :)

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