Monday, February 21, 2011

Charmed necklace

Take one look at this silver necklace and you'll fall head over heels in love with this sweet accessory. The upcycled key and wire wrapped Austrian Swarovski Crystal make this eye-catching necklace a true heirloom. This charming piece looks marvelous paired with a white tee, and skinnies, or with a flowered frock and your favorite heels - you'll always style a sweet, timeless look with this fun accessory.  Available on my etsy shop:


  1. Gorgeous! It's got such an elegance about it, and yet would be a great piece to go with a funky look as well. I could see a lot of versatility with this one.

  2. hello! this key necklace is gorgeous, i have a passion for old keys. thanks for popping by my blog! i have poked around yours a couple of times. the stamp you inquired about is from American Crafts.

  3. I've always loved keys! I remember when I was little I would go over my dads keys with him to see if he knew what they were all for. I usually ended up with a few!