Monday, January 3, 2011

Open air terrarium

I just finished my open air terrarium!  To make yours start with a clean vase, add clean pebbles, a thin layer of Spanish Moss (I found mine  at our local dollar store) a layer of soil, add a plant and the top layer of moss (I found this moss in my parents yard!) 
These cute Knickkancks or Kitchky's as my friend Carolyne calls them, add a whimsical touch.  These mushrooms and sweet little fawn were purchased on etsy.  


  1. This came out great! I like the idea of an open air...mine got a little stinky, even with the charcoal.

    Here is the link to mine...great minds think alike!

  2. Thanks! I made a closed terrarium as well, and noticed mold growing along with my fern. And I used charcoal as well! :( So I think an open air version was just a better option. I love your cute terrariums! TFS!