Monday, December 20, 2010

The tree is up!

We (and when I say we I mean I) finally put up our Christmas tree last night! I've been wanting to put the tree up for quite some time now, but we live in a small appartment and are kinda squished when the tree is up! I figured my husband can deal with it for one week! My doggie Roofus is a little put out as well as I had to move his mat to make a spot for the tree. He keeps looking at me with a "What the heck?!?!" expression. It's only 6 days! Deal.

I adopted this owl from Pier One Imports. I saw him there last Christmas, and decided to wait until Boxing Day to buy him.( And of course when Boxing Day came around there were none left!!!! Not this year little owl, not this year!


  1. i love it!! so cute!!! That owl is amazing good find!

  2. Thanks Joanne! I love my colourful tree!

  3. Beautiful tree and enjoy your Holidays!!