Monday, November 1, 2010


I've been dreaming about making my terrarium for quite some time now, and today was the day! Here's what you will need to make one of your own: rocks, activated charcoal (found at any pet store), spanish moss, potting soil, moss, knickknacks (mine are in the mail!)

1. clean the terrarium container with mild soapy water, rinse thoroughly
2. place a thin layer of rocks on the bottom of the terrarium (this helps with drainage and water management)
3. place a thin layer of activated charcoal over the rocks (if you are making an open air terrarium skip this step)
4. place a thin layer of Spanish Miss on top of charcoal and rocks (this acts as bedding material to keep the soil separated from the rocks)
5. place a thin layer of potting soil on top of the Spanish moss
6. plant your plant
7 place moss on top of soil and around plants
8. place knickknacks on top of moss to finish it off!

Care of you terrarium:
terrariums need little attention, moderate sunlight and water. With a closed terrarium you can go weeks with out water.


  1. Thanks Joanne! Now I just need to add little deer and mushrooms! So hard waiting for them to come!

  2. I've never heard of a Terrarium before and I think they're pretty !!