Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! It's a beautiful fall day here in British Columbia! 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) the sun is shinning, and the leaves are all golden! Summer used to be my favorite time of year, but as I grow older fall is turning into a new favorite. Today I am thankful. I'm thankful for my husband who is on his way home from a hunting trip, and who will be just in time for dinner! I'm thankful for my cute yellow lab Roofus. I'm thankful for my family, who are always supportive of me. My mom and grandpa still come to watch my baseball games! And I'm thankful for my in laws, it's great to not only get along with them, but to love them and be accepted by each one of them! Now for a quick bicycle ride before lunch!

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