Friday, October 29, 2010

Doily necklace

This beige Victorian doily, has swirling ornate patterns and a pink satin ribbon which sits at the center of this bib necklace. Adorned on the right side with the daintiest little bronze flower, teeny tiny antique key and a tisy bitty heart on the end of a little chain. This necklace is all tied together with a 18" gun metal chain.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! It's a beautiful fall day here in British Columbia! 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) the sun is shinning, and the leaves are all golden! Summer used to be my favorite time of year, but as I grow older fall is turning into a new favorite. Today I am thankful. I'm thankful for my husband who is on his way home from a hunting trip, and who will be just in time for dinner! I'm thankful for my cute yellow lab Roofus. I'm thankful for my family, who are always supportive of me. My mom and grandpa still come to watch my baseball games! And I'm thankful for my in laws, it's great to not only get along with them, but to love them and be accepted by each one of them! Now for a quick bicycle ride before lunch!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fan photos

Check out these beautiful photos by a beautiful girl named Tonya! I love how she showcased the necklace I made! Thanks Tonya!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

25 things about me!

I wrote this a little while ago on facebook, and thought I would share it with you as well! Hope you get a chuckle out of it and maybe write a list of your own! :)

1. I don't always wash my lettuce, but I do check for bugs.

2. I love to scrapbook, make cards and upcycled jewelry.

3. I like to listen in on other peoples conversations, but have learned not to add my comments! If my superpower ever kicks in it would be turning invisible, think of all the things I could hear!

4. I married my best friend.

5. I take a notebook to church with me, but most of the time I just hold it.

6. My favorite Saturdays are spent at the park with Justin and my yellow lab Roofus.

7. I love to read and I take a book with me most places just in case.

8. I get stressed if there is a slight possibility that I could be late. Justin on the other hand is late for everything!

9. I am completely content to be alone. In fact if it wasn't for Justin I could be a happy hermit.

10. I love the beach. The ocean always amazes me.

11. I feel the closest to God when I witness his awesome creation.

12. I used to buy new clothes a couple of times a week. Now I save for Tupperware.

13. I lived in the same house from 9 months to 23 years.

14. I've played baseball for 20 odd years.

15. I've traveled to 16 countries.

16. I've only had 2 dogs in my life. Sparky my poodle cross, from age 9 to 23, and Roofus my yellow lab. He will turn 4 on October 22/10.

17. For the last 9 years I worked in a doctor's office. I don't like going to the doctor.

18. I love my in-laws.

19. Some of my best friendships were developed in the last 8 years.

20. It's almost time for my 10 year high school reunion.

21. I won't go.

22. I organize everything at work alphabetically, at home I organize as to how much I like something.

23. I've donated 11 inches of my hair twice to Wigs for Kids.

24. The other day I found my first gray hair.

25. I like my steak medium rare. (Sorry that rhymed! =S)